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Omna Magni & PRIDE translation

There's about 8 vocal songs in the Aquarion album, for the time being, here's a translation of Omna Magni and Nageki no tabi.

Omna Magni (Translation)

Lizard's tail
Dew in the night
Silent night
A drop of mermaid's tear

The shadow of dead people
The pain of living people
The joy of darkness
The madness of light
Let us become one
Let's engulf ourselves in a beautiful lace

(Altadimana Cinqadimana)
By an edge of the shadow
I'm pulled into darkness
I gave a scream
(Altadimana Cinqadimana)
I'm crazy because of the Silence
Aquarion, Aquarion

PRIDE Nageki no Tabi (The journey of sorrow)

What I see in my heart's eyes was the end of the world I once forgot
What I heard in the road of darkness is a voice of someone calling me

If the journey of sorrow starts when we transcended time
then I would like to offer you this life

In the name of love, only rely on love
To the battlefield we must go
So the flower of miracle can blossom

Everyone who knows their life must end somehow
dream of never-ending dream
People is sure an affectionate beast

Tears are surely words of sadness that one can't say
What dampen your cheek are several million of them

People who know hope and despeer seethed all of those in their heart
And it would flow to eternity like an ever-flowing spring

We only hear love, and only love guide us
We roam endlessly while drawing a line of light

We realize bravery is a flame in our heart
And we're walking the path of thorns until we're burned with pride

Oh send this prayer, to his heart
The heart I recieved from the Sky above is only for love...

We hold on love
To the battlefield we must go to
So the flower of miracle can blossom

With the name of love, with the honor of love
I'll do what my soul wants me to do until I'm burned with pride

Corrections are welcomed.

PS: Do you really need the romanization of the lyrics? And it's just me or the OP song in the album sounds better?
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